3 Keys to Build Muscle Fast

So you want to build muscle fast? I believe if you follow what you’re about to read you will succeed. First of all, I am only 17 years old but I have a lot of knowledge about building a better body. I have been brought up in a healthy living lifestyle my whole life. My mom owns two health food stores and living a healthy lifestyle is all I know. This stuff is my passion and I know when I grow older I will own my own health food store and be a very successful personal trainer.

Ok enough of me, let’s talk about building some muscle and getting fit. Firstly, the most important thing in any body transformation process is getting a vision of your goal. If you visualize the body you want in your mind’s eye, it gives you something to strive for. This is very powerful stuff and do not doubt this. If you know about the Law of Attraction or The Secret you know what I’m talking about. Basically if you focus on the end result of your goal without any doubt and take action (exercise and nutrition) you will receive what you desire.

Nutrition is the second most important thing in building muscle fast. If you don’t eat enough calories you can’t build a lot of muscle mass. When I want to build muscle I take my bodyweight and multiply it by 20 and that’s how many calories I eat a day.

Also, I believe what Wade McNutt says about the protein factor. Wade is a Natural National Bodybuilding Champion and Co-Author of The Complete Physique Muscle Mastery Training System. I don’t worry about eating a ton of protein. I take Hemp protein after my workout with some water and the rest I get from food. I do not keep track of how much protein I get but I would say I get roughly 100g of protein a day which is enough.

The most important thing in your diet to build muscle is to consume more calories than you burn and you’re good to go. Also, for best results I only eat organic food. I take a whole food multi and to get more enzymes in my diet I eat raw veggies and fruits when I can.

Thirdly, let’s talk about training. When you are trying to build a lot of muscle fast I suggest full body workouts, usually 2-3 times a week. Full body workouts create the biggest surge of anabolic hormones throughout your body which is a good thing. I follow a 20 rep squat routine when my goal is to build muscle in the fastest amount of time.

This is my muscle building workout: Dumbbell bench press 4×8-10, Full Squat 1×20 (take a weight you can’t do 12 reps with but do 20 reps rest/pause style), Light pullover 1×20, Cable row 4×10-12. That’s it for the exercises. I add 5 lbs to my squat bar each workout and I increase the weight on my other exercises when I feel ready. Adding weight to the squat is the most important.

Don’t be too concerned about the arms, they will grow as well. I was concerned at first but after 8 weeks of this workout the first time, my arms blew up. If you really want to do an arm day then do it the day after this workout, only once a week. If you think it looks easy then try it 3 times a week. I know this will work for you because I have researched all the guys in the golden age before steroids and they all used a program similar to this and they were huge!

That’s it – very simple but remember, the most important thing is to keep your mind set on achieving your goal and always be positive about the process. Say affirmations: “I am building muscle”, “I am building muscle fast” and visualize yourself already being huge. Take action with nutrition and training, trust yourself and you’ll do great!

Here’s a page with tons of cool article links build-muscle-fast. The lastest addition , from Anthony Muraco, talks about build muscle fast. It’s all brought to you by Wade McNutt and Freaky Big Naturally.

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