A Step Beyond – Accelerating Your Natural Bodybuilding Progress

Energy Flows. Your thoughts are magnetic all contain a specific frequency. In other words, they are energy. Therefore you always get more of what you focus on. This is true for everything including natural bodybuilding. Like water and electricity it will always follow the path of least resistance. The Newton theory of the cause and effect is not the whole story.

If I want to shoot a subatomic particle through a piece of foil, the foil opens up before the particle passes through. In scientific words, Effect creates Cause. When we set goals we realize we are not where we want to be. Obstacles, effort and problems start to shoot into our minds. We are focusing on what we don??™t want to create. What is funny about achieving goals is that there is a shortcut. We all know that the past does not really exist; it only exists in our minds. We also know that the future is just expectations based on our past, but are not real either. All we have right now is this moment in time, and we can choose to effectively utilize that as mature human beings. Therefore we must act as if we are already in possession of the desired result, by doing this we bring our wants one day closer, and some day we will wake up finding ourselves in the desired circumstances.

In other words, the Past is a paid check and cannot be used anymore The Future is promised to no one All we have is this moment in time, the Now; therefore, we must use it in creating the desired result. For example, if I want to be more confident when interacting with the opposite sex, then I must walk, act, talk, behave, and think like a confident person.

With regards to natural bodybuilding, it is now known that the mind has a great influence on the body??™s physical condition, health and strength. You may have heard about the Placebo Effect where you give a patient a sugar pill telling them it is the ???wonder drug??? that is going to heal them. Miraculous as it may seem, the patients often have stronger and faster relief than they would have had with normal treatment. This proves that the body is the most magnificent pharmacy ever created! It can make every drug that Hoffmann-La Roche produces – better quality, cheaper, target the right organs, right doses, no side effects and the all the instructions contained in the packet! As a matter of fact, you create your own hormones such as HGH, Testosterone et cetera.

The mind controls what your body feels and looks like. This is also called ‘physiological self-image’. The mind never deviates from its self-image; therefore, it is very essential that we act, behave, talk and think as powerful, strong, flexible, healthy individuals. To create the body we want, with natural bodybuilding for example, we must fake it until we make it. Remember the quote: “As within so without”. Best luck on your journey to abundance.

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