Phil Heath WINS 2008 Ironman Pro

Written by: Allan Donelly

Phil Heath earns big win at the 2008 Ironman Pro

February 16, 2008 – When Phil Heath skipped the Mr. Olympia last year, the murmurs began. Was Heath cut out for the big time? Would he realize his full potential? Or was his fast start out of the gate — victories in his first two pro shows, a top five showing at the 2007 Arnold Classic — just another case of a rising star headed for a quick burnout?

Tonight, Heath answered his critics, revealing an impressive, amazing physique and rolling to the Ironman Pro title. Clearly, he was hard at work in the gym the last 12 months, adding key front-to-back thickness in his upper body, along with more width in his shoulders, and size and detail all around. With 15 more pounds on his frame, Heath stands as a true force to be reckoned with at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio in two weeks, where precontest favorite Dexter Jackson, Melvin Anthony, and other top contenders loom.

Second place went to Gustavo Badell, who had plenty of size but, with some stomach distention holding back his symmetry, couldn??™t overtake The Gift on the scorecards. Still, he now looks forward to the Classic with top five again in his sights.

Third was the surprise of the show, Mo Elmoussawi. Previously known for a great set of arms, the rest of his physique is taking shape. He was sliced, diced and more balanced than he??™s been in the past, allowing him to squeak by a formidable opponent in Silvio Samuel. Samuel arguably could have been as high as second in this contest, but still could make some conditioning improvements in the next two weeks — he wasn??™t totally on here, and if he dials in the rest of the way he also should find himself battling among the top five at the Arnold.

Speaking of the Arnold, stay tuned to Flexonline for the next two weeks, for plenty of previews and prognostications regarding the Columbus showdown. Of course, Team Flex will be on the scene, covering every minute.

2008 Ironman Pro
Top 15 Results

15.Ray Arde
14.JoJo Ntiforo
13.Khalid Almohsinawi
12.David Henry
11.Will Harris
10. King Kamali
9. Troy Alves
8. Toney Freeman
7. Eddie Abbew
6. Desmond Miller
5. Johnnie Jackson
4. Silvio Samuel
3. Mo Elmoussawi
2. Gustavo Badell
1. Phil Heath

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