Kim Chizevesky 2008 IFBB Hall of fame Inductee

Kim Chizevesky 2008 IFBB Hall of fame Inductee

Born April 23, 1968
Charleston, Illinois

Kim Chizevesky 2008 IFBB Hall of fame Inductee

In this sport, a Ms. Olympia title represents the pinnacle of achievement. When you win four in a row, as Kim Chizevsky did from 1996 through 1999, it can be said that you truly dominate the sport. When you pack on the amount of muscle Chizevsky did, you can also lay claim to being the most muscular female bodybuilder of all time.

In her youth, Chizevsky was the definition of a well-rounded athlete, excelling in basketball and volleyball; as she progressed through school, she added track and field (where her chosen disciplines were the relay, shotput, discus and long jump), cheerleading, dance and gymnastics.

Upon graduation from high school, she attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale for three years, studying legal and medical secretarial services. She worked as an assistant in a law firm, but she would soon find other passions to pursue. In 1998, Chizevsky, 20, began dating Chad Nicholls. At the time, she was an aerobics instructor, but Nicholls directed her towards bodybuilding, thinking that, with proper leg training, her high school nickname of “Thunder Thighs” could take on a whole new meaning. After three months under Nicholls ” instruction, Chizevsky, weighing 121 pounds at 5’8″, placed second in the lightheavyweight class in the 1989 NPC Jr. Tri State. The next year, she won the heavyweight division of that event, and added two more victories, at the 1990 AAU Illinois and Central Illinois contests.
In Agust 1992, Chizevsky won the NPC Jr. Nationals and the IFBB North American Championships, the latter accompanied by an IFBB pro card. Eight months after those pivotal victories, she made an impressive pro debut, winning the always-tough Ms. International in Columbus, Ohio. In May 1993 she married Nicholls, and in November of that same year, she made her Ms. Olympia debut, taking fifth.

A potent combination of muscularity, proportion and symmetry, Chizevsky took her next shot at the Olympia in 1995, finishing second to the legendary (and now eight-time Ms. O) Lenda Murray. In 1996, however, Chizevsky turned the tables in shocking fashion, dethroning Murray, then holding her off again in 1997 (prompting Murrays first retirement from the sport; in 2002 and 2003, she returned for two more stunning O victories).

After her Ms. Olympia win in 1999, Chizevsky retired, but she couldnt stay away from the stage lights for too long. The former Ms. Olympia entered the 2001 Fitness International, garnering sixth place with a dramatically slimmed-down physique. The next year, she moved up to fourth at the Southwest Pro Fitness show in Dallas in March, before becoming pregnant in October.

Chizevskys oldest son, Dominic, was born on June 3, 2003, but the new mother wasnt finished with competition just yet. Five months later, she tried her hand at figure, placing ninth in Atlanta in the GNC Show of Strength, and then taking seventh at the same event in 2004.

With four Ms. Olympia titles and notable forays into both fitness and figure, Chizevsky is a prime exemplar of what a passion for competing in the physical arts is all about.

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