Be Calm & Stress-Free To Achieve Your Physique

By: Herve Duchemin

Beginning the day with a calm and relaxed mind has many advantages. In order to see these advantages, it is necessary to understand the workings of a non-calmed mind. In its essence, a non-calmed mind is a stressed mind.

When the mind is under stress, it cannot perform optimally, and many of its thoughts will produce illogical reactions and responses to various stimuli which a calmed, stress-free mind would be able to handle in a more controlled and logical fashion. It is worthwhile to consider the notion that most of the dire “human-caused” evils we see around us occur when stressed minds produce illogical, forceful actions.

Forced & Unforced Emotions

Think of all your unforced emotions. Love, happiness, enthusiasm, altruism and confidence are all “unforced” emotions. You cannot force someone to love you, but you can “act” toward them in a loving manner. You can willingly “give” them love. You cannot force someone to be confident, but you can aid them in “unforcefully” noticing and revealing the confidence that lies deep within their souls.

Hate, anger, obsession, self-centeredness and all emotions leading to a violent response are “forced”. Forced emotions put the mind into a distressed state, and exacerbate the homeostatic mechanisms of the body, not allowing it to function at an optimal level, thereby decreasing the performance of all metabolic processes, namely “fat-burning”, and quite possibly taking years off one’s life at the same time.

The benefit of a non-stressed, and logical mind, is that it can readily focus on one task, and carry it out to completion, without regard to all the “other things” it has to do.

This comes down to simple time budgeting, and prioritizing of tasks and goals.

After this is done, it will usually become completely obvious that there is plenty of time to accomplish all things, and still have some time left over when all is said and done. What could be more stress-free than having time to do whatever you want?

We all have 24 hours in one day. If distributed equally, that leaves 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, and 8 hours to do whatever you wish. So when someone tells me that they cannot spare a single hour to go workout because they “don’t have time”, it is often difficult for me to believe, since we all have the same amount of time in one day.

Another facet of a calmed, stress-free mind, is that of honesty. With honesty, comes the trust and respect of those around you, and leads a mind to a guilt-free state of no lies. If you borrow money from someone saying directly to their face that you’ll pay them back by a certain time, when you know for sure you won’t be able to, you are setting your mind up for unnecessary stress which could nag the hell out of you and burden your mind, all because you gave someone an “expected” truth, which was in actuality a fallacy.

When you lie to yourself about how well you’ve done in achieving your goals, you create a false success instead of remedying those thoughts which lead to failure. Failure has been met by everyone at some point. But all failures are temporary, unless you make them permanent.

Achieving Your Goals

What I’m getting at is the achievement of your goals. We all have specific goals we want to achieve, and a general direction we want our lives to head in. If we are running around stressed, angry, dishonest, with forced anger and violent actions pressed on others, how can we remain focused enough to accomplish our life’s goals?

This becomes increasingly important when trying to achieve “physique-related” goals. Anytime a goal is set with a stressed or disorganized mind, you can expect to go off track and fail rather quickly. You can say that you “want” to change your dietary habits, but a dishonest mind will cause you to lose your dedication and as a result, your progress as well.

This leads to chaotic circles of stagnant progress, where you constantly set haphazard goals with no clear way of achieving them, simply “for the sake of setting goals”.

In The Master-Key to Riches, Napoleon Hill states:

“Failures begin with a definite major purpose but they desert that purpose the moment they are overtaken by temporary defeat or strenuous opposition. They give up and quit, not knowing that there is a philosophy of success which is as dependable and as definite as the rules of mathematics, and never suspecting that temporary defeat is but a testing ground which may prove a blessing in disguise if it is not accepted as final.”


Are you going to be a success story, or a failure? All it takes is creating a plan, writing out the steps you are going to take to put that plan into action, and then taking the appropriate actions to achieve your goal. I’ve achieved my goal of going from fat to ripped, and you can as well. But it all begins as everything else has as an idea in your mind.

The more stress-free and calm your mind is, the more likely you will stay dedicated to your goals and carry out the appropriate actions one at a time to make your physique goals 100% successful, and believe me, there will still be time for everything else.

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