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By: Danial Samar

Let me start off by saying that I did not buy into this “fab”, my Mom did. After seeing tons of advertisements, commercials, and seeing them in stores, some people get the idea that they work just as good as they say. I know my mother did. Anyways, long story short, after buying one she quickly became tired of it, and dropped the belt and went on with her life.

I decided that I would not let money go to waste. I would write in a journal how it really worked for me, and how it feels and my views on it. This article will not feature any charts, it is just a straight forward article. So without further writing, I will start.

The name of the belt will remain unnamed. I regulated the food I ate, just to get that out of the way before we start.

Day one

I started off by watching the long boring video that was included with the belt. I read the handbook that came along with it. All this was done, so I did exactly what they said, so that I would get “great results”.

I applied that belt over my abs. The instant you turn it on, there is this very annoying feeling. The only word I can come up with is that it feels like my abs were being electrocuted. As lame as that explanation may be, it’s the only one I can come up with. So I turn it off, look at it closely, and come up with the conclusion that what I felt is normal with the product.

I put it on, for 15 minutes. During the 15 minutes, it feels very annoying. They stated that you can put it on and go on about your day. While it was on, my body was being jerked around by that electricity. If I were to have this on and walk around, I would not look normal, as if I had some kind of disease. So I sat down and played some music, and worked on the computer. All this time I am trying to write a paper for school. I find it impossible to do so, because I keep missing the keys on the keyboard, as if someone kept pushing you when you were about to type each and every word.

After my 15 minutes were up, I took of the belt and I was truly amazed at what I found. My abs felt like I just did nothing for 15 minutes. Every time I work my abs, I feel the work I have done. With this belt, I felt nothing. I decide that I will go on with the process, and that it may be just a part of how it works.

Day two

I felt no soreness this morning; I usually do when I do my abs. Again, I felt that it was part of the process. I placed the belt in the exact same place. To make sure it was in the same place I had marked the center of the area with a marker (as bad as it may sound, I still did it). This was so that I get the same effect every time I did the “workout”. I turn on the belt to the same setting, and let it go again for 15 minutes, again, same “workout” every time.

I find that I cannot get used to the feeling of the belt. Some things you can get used to, I don’t see how I can get used to this. I go about my business while having the belt on, keeping a close eye to my watch. I take it off, and again felt nothing.

Fast forward… Day 7

Been doing the same thing, seen no progress, but its only been a week.

Fast forward… Day 14

No progress, I miss my Ab workouts. But I must go on, for the sack of science. The AB belt is still annoying as ever. I have decided that this will be my last week.

Last day

Having had no success with the belt, I decided to place it away. The belt like most other things you see on TV, are never as good as they say.

I will have to say that electronic Ab products do not work as good as they say, in my opinion they don’t work at all. I have been to the chiropractor before, and there they have muscle stimulators. These products are meant for relieving muscles. Ab belts follow the same exact method, release electricity into the muscle to make it contract. Except they twist words, and say that it will tone and build muscles.

An Article I Found:

Abdominal muscle stimulators may be popular, but legal authorities aren’t enthusiastic about some of the health claims made by manufacturers of the products.

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on some of the devices and, last week, a Napa County, Calif., Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction halting the advertisement and sale of Gym form Plus stimulators distributed by Industex USA and two other Industex corporations.

The device, which costs about $50, is sold over the Internet and in stores. A ban on the product in California was sought by the district attorney’s offices in Napa and Sonoma counties on grounds that electrical stimulators can be used only by licensed doctors and physical therapists and that manufacturers need approval from state authorities to conduct sales. The stimulators are touted to firm and tone muscles by passing electrical current through muscles, causing them to contract.

The injunction only affects Industex, not other manufacturers or distributors of electrical abdominal stimulators. However, Daryl Roberts, Napa County’s deputy district attorney, says his office is investigating other companies that sell such devices in the state.

“We may have to bring more cases,” Roberts said. The devices “are flat-out illegal. Second, the health claims are unsubstantiated and misleading. Third, the products are misbranded; they don’t have the appropriate warnings on them (that) they are required to have.” Company representatives could not be reached for comment.

Under federal law, electrical stimulators must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be sold directly to consumers. However, FDA officials said earlier this year that the agency does not have the resources to crack down on all offenders and, instead, will focus its efforts on encouraging manufacturers to seek legal approval to market their devices. The injunction on Industex muscle stimulators will hold until the case is settled or goes to trial, Roberts said.

By Shari Roan
Los Angeles Times

I found this article on the web. I felt it had to put on my article. From day one, I had doubts. After trying the product and researching it, I found the truth. These products don’t work, don’t believe everything you read, see or hear. Email me if you have any questions.

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