How to Find the Right Home Gym

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Home fitness gyms are quite popular for people who want the benefits of a good workout without having to leave home to get it. The best home gyms on the market are durable, reliable, constructed with quality parts and materials, and most importantly, meet your specific fitness and workout needs.
Three Types of Home Gyms

There are three basic types of home gym:

2.Free weight
3.Plate loaded machine

Each type of home gym comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and each is suited to different workout needs and styles.
Planning of home gym. Having a home workout area does not have to be overwhelming! With a little bit of planning, and budgeting, you can easily transform space in your house into a personal fitness area. When you’re getting started, here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind:

??? Determine your personal fitness goals
??? Find a proper location
??? Tone up your technology
??? Add your own personal design touch to the space
??? Put accessories to work

When shopping for a home gym, make sure the items you consider will help you meet your fitness goals. Do you want a series of elastic bands to provide resistance or do you want a system of cables and pulleys to lift a stack of weights? If you decide on a gym with a weight stack, does it include enough weight? If you want to do some major strength training, does the gym include free weights? Does the gym have add-ons for leg lifts and other lower body exercises or will you concentrate on your upper body?

Gym sizing

Before you bring a gym home, decide where you want to keep it. Sellers will list a gym’s height, length, and width in item listings. Measure your space and check to make sure the home gyms you look at will fit in it. Also, decide how many stations you want right off the bat. If only one person will use the home gym at a time, a single-station gym setup will work well.
If more than one person wants to work out on the gym at once, consider a multi-station setup. If you want to save space, make sure the gym folds. The Total Gym and Bowflex both fold up so that you can store them out of sight under the bed or in a closet.

Home gym equipment

Home Gyms. Ever see someone with a good physique who got it by working out on a home gym? I have. I’ve even competed against people who became competitive physique athletes (bodybuilders) by working out on a home gym. It can be done. But if this is true, why do so few do it?
Why do most people who buy a home gym end up selling it in a yard sale?

Write your goals down. This is basic and is a good practice for any worthy pursuit. What is it that you truly hope to accomplish by purchasing a home gym? Do you just want to loose a few pounds? If so, you really don’t need home gym equipment to do it. Perhaps a few small changes to your diet and walking a mile a day will get you where you want to go. Maybe you want to tone up a bit? Now were talking, home gyms are great way to tone up loose and sagging muscles, and add a pleasing healthy appearance to your overall physique.

Buy quality.

Quality home gym equipment will usually outlast their less expensive counterparts and actually save you money in the long run. It will function more smoothly reducing the risk of injury. It will require less maintenance. It will have a more natural feel to it, and is far more likely to still be in use a year from now.
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