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Maximizing Hormones for Maximum Growth

The human body contains numerous amounts of intricate hormones that allow our muscles to grow, or do the opposite. Maximizing hormones such as testosterone, IGF-1, insulin, and HGH can result in a substantial increase in strength and lean muscle growth, as well as a decrease in adipose tissue. Testosterone is the king of hormones in […]

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3 Keys to Build Muscle Fast

So you want to build muscle fast? I believe if you follow what you’re about to read you will succeed. First of all, I am only 17 years old but I have a lot of knowledge about building a better body. I have been brought up in a healthy living lifestyle my whole life. My […]

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Three Keys To Killer Abs

By: Shawn LeBrun Whether you are after the elusive 6-pack, or just looking to lose a bit of extra luggage you’re carrying around the mid-section,there are 3 “key” areas you need to focus on to achieve maximum abdominal development. Areas Of FocusStrong abs not only help strengthen your lower back, but also improve upon your […]

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5 Calf Training Techniques For Complete Calf

By: Nick Nilsson Are you having trouble building your calves? These techniques will help you develop your calves to the very fullest, including the hard-to-reach inner and outer areas. Technique #1 – Ski-Jump Calf Raises Your calf machine must be bolted down solidly to take full advantage of this technique as you’ll be pushing against […]

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Could Vitamin E Protect Your Heart?

Vitamin E in Heart Disease – Previous findings Numerous preliminary and observational studies have looked at the role and benefits of Vitamin E supplements in heart disease. Some previous studies, such as the Nurse Study in 1993 involving 90,000 nurses, associated Vitamin E supplements to lower rate of coronary heart disease by 30 – 40%. […]

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Are some eggs healthier than the other?

Today’s eggs are lower in cholesterol! One Grade “A” large egg has almost 1/3 less cholesterol than its counterpart from a decade ago due to the changes in feeding practices. Eggs nowadays contain only 190mg cholesterol, compared to 274mg in 1991. Eggs are being recognized for their outstanding nutritional qualities. Recent research shows that healthy […]

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