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Back To The Basics For Teens

By: Scott Duncan Don’t get caught up in the training routine’s that the pros put out in the magazines, those will only lead to over-training. Remember these guys are on steroids and have all day just to lift, eat, and rest. They don’t have to go through 7 plus hours of school and all that […]

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Alexey Lesukov

Eighteen-year Alexey Lesukov in April won immediately several titles at competitions in bodybuilding in St. Petersburg and Murmansk. The discovery season – as was named by the Apatitys youth in the championships of the Northwest. Will power plus character In childhood Lesha was the usual boy: he went to the pool, studied to play on […]

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Sean Allen takes the overall at the Junior Nationals

Sean Allen won the super heavyweight and overall at the 2008 Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday. Two weeks ago, Allen won both the super heavyweight and overall at the NPC Atlantic States. Trey Brewer, making his highly anticipated debut on the national-level stage, finished fifth in the super […]

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How to Find the Right Home Gym

Author: Subhash Home fitness gyms are quite popular for people who want the benefits of a good workout without having to leave home to get it. The best home gyms on the market are durable, reliable, constructed with quality parts and materials, and most importantly, meet your specific fitness and workout needs.Three Types of Home […]

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Free Weight Or Machine Lifting- Which Is Better

By:Mike Parker The fight over which lifting, free weight lifting and machine lifting, has be fought for years. I am not going to sit here and tell you which is better, they both have there benefits. Instead, I am going to tell you what each one is good for and let you decide which you […]

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