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Testosterone replacement benefits older men with low testosterone

Saad’s research showed that restoring testosterone to normal levels in hypogonadal, or testosterone-deficient, men led to major and progressive improvements in features of the metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, men older than 63 benefited as much as younger men, they found. Treatment lasted a year and used a slow-release, injectable form of the hormone (testosterone undecanoate) that […]

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Christian Boeving Fired From MuscleTech!

By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD Published: June 9, 2008 With the camera rolling, Christian Boeving, a fitness model who is paid to endorse bodybuilding products, freely admitted he had used steroids since he was 16. That was two years ago, when a friend from the gym he uses, Christopher Bell, was filming Bigger, Stronger, Faster, a documentary […]

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Markus Ruhl Biography

I started working out at the age of nineteen weighing in at 140 lbs without being ambitious with regard to a professional career. After four years of consistent and intense workouts I felt the decision to participate in the Newcomer Championship 1994 in Hessen, Germany. Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder, so that I was unable […]

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Ginter Schlierkamp Biography

Gunter was born on February 2, 1970, in Olfen, Germany. His parents were farmers and Gunter along with his brothers and sisters worked on the family farm. His parents valued hard work and considered sports unproductive and a waste of time. When Gunter was 12, he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film, “Conan The Barbarian […]

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Dorian Yates Biography

Dorian Yates Mr. Olympia 1992-1997Name: Dorian Andrew Mientjez YatesBorn: April 19, 1962Current Residence: Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, EnglandNickname: The Shadow. Height: 5’10″ | Favorite Exercise: Bent-Over RowsOff Season Weight: 290 lbs | Competition Weight: 265 lbs. Dorian was raised in Hurley, in rural Staffordshire, just outside of Birmingham, England. Dorian grew up on a farm, or […]

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