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Letting Yourself Go

by: Jim Ganley My first brush with the phenomenon which I am about to describe happened in the early 1970s. At that time I had recently graduated from college and listened attentively as my mother told me about her friend Carol. The way she described it, Carol had been working as a cashier at one […]

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Washington Attacks Dietary Supplements

by: Rick Collins The attack has begun! What started as investigative interest into the safety of ephedra after widespread negative publicity has mushroomed into an all-out attack on all supplements, including prohormones. Those urging prohibition of prohormone products have most recently pointed to general safety concerns, adolescent usage, and real anabolic steroids sold via legal […]

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Increase IGF-1 Levels Naturally!

Increase IGF-1 Levels Naturally! Written by Robbie Durand Reporter: Arnold, what kind of milk do you drink?Arnold: I don’t drink any milk. Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you drink beer. Arnold didnt drink milk, but he may have missed out on one of the most important muscle-building foods around. What makes milk […]

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Add Serious Size To Your Arms

By: MuscleTech Want to add some serious size to your arms? Big triceps are the secret! Every bodybuilder wants huge guns. Let’s face it – what good is a bodybuilder with small arms? Fielding jokes about “spaghetti arms” and “pea shooters” isn’t fun. Fortunately, not many guys are opposed to training their arms, and as […]

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