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Kai Greene 2009 Australian Grand Prix Winner

Kai Greene 2009 Australian Grand Prix WinnerCongratulations !!!

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Ten Nutrition Strategies For Ripped Abs

By: Marie Spano 10 Nutrition Strategies For Ripped Abs A 6-pack is the hallmark of having a ripped body. No fitness or figure competitor would be caught without one. However, for those of us who didn’t win the genetic lotto when it comes to flat abs, achieving a 6-pack isn’t as simple as doing ab […]

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A 10 Step Strategy To Consistently Eating Clean

By: Ryan Mackie Over my past ten years of bodybuilding I have always enjoyed working out. I could never understand people when they said they didn’t enjoy training. I love the psyching up pre-workout to reach new heights in strength and intensity, followed by the satisfaction of achieving training goals. However, I can understand it […]

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Your Kids Should Never Eat French Fries

By: Dave DePew Why Your Kids Should Never…Eat French Fries – And What You Can Give Them Instead As Americans, and as parents, are we willing to trade the health of our children for the convenience that fast food offers? Are the lives of our children worth the crayons and color-your-own placemats? Perhaps you believe […]

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Approach To Fight Obesity – Build More Muscle

By: Dr. Warren Willey Personal trainers and you have the solution to the biggest health care predicament we have ever been faced with – obesity. Obesity is an epidemic. Globally, more than 1 billion adults are overweight – at least 300 million of them clinically obese. The obesity and overweight epidemic pose a major risk […]

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Muscle Inflammation is Necessary for Muscle Hypertrophy

Muscle Inflammation is Necessary for Muscle Hypertrophyby:Robbie Durand, M.A., C.S.C.S. Wolverine from the movie is quite possibly the ultimate soldier. He has adamantium claws that can turn anyone that pisses him off into chop suey, an unbreakable skeleton, and a bad attitude to match. His primary mutant power is an accelerated healing factor that regenerates […]

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