An Interview with Amazing IFBB Pro Figure Candice Keene

Name: Candice Keene

Height/Weight: 136/5’5

Q. How long have you been training?

A. I have been working out for 5 years, but intensely for 2.5

Q. What was your body like before you started training?

A. I was never skinny skinny.  I have always had somewhat of a shape..and my shoulders! they have been broad my whole life!

Q. How do you keep yourself motivated and on-track through the grueling dieting in the last few weeks?

A. The end result! The end result! The end result!:) Very important! Keeps me mentally on track.

Q. Do you get more attention from the people now that you are in such good shape?

A. LOL all the time! Well, its actually more stares..or questions like, “Do you work out?” lol

Q. What is the one key piece of advice you could pass on to our readers?

A. Focus on what you want, set goals, visualize them and keep that ‘end result’ in your head..and never give up!:)

Q. What is your favorite energy/pre-workout supplement? Protein supplement?

A. Well I like to stack Creatine/BCAAs/Glutamine..and Caffeine. For protein after a workout, a quality whey protein isolate

Q. How many days a week do you work out?

A. I strength train 4-5 days plus a plyometric training day

Q: How many exercises per body part do you typically do in a workout?

A: I usually 4 exercises per body part.  For legs and back I do a few more

Q: How much weight will you normally gain during the off-season?

A: I try to stay 10 lbs over

Q. What kind of workout program do you follow?

A. I train a different body part every day, and incorporate a day for a plyometric routine

Q. Do you believe in workout programs like Insanity or P90X?

A. I do because high intensity is always good to implement in your program

Q. What competitions have you participated in and what were the results?

A. My first show was All South Championships and won my class and took Overall! That was a level 5 so it qualified me nationally, so 2 weeks later, I headed up to Atlanta to compete in 2008 Nationals..I took 1st in my class and earned my IFBB Procard!!:)

Since turning pro, I have competed in 4 pro shows, and 3 more before 2010 Olympia.  My goal and dream is to qualify for the Olympia.

Q. Looking back on what you have accomplished so far, what is one thing you would change if you could, knowing what you do now?

A. Nothing. I think the milestones in our lives lead us on our destined path, with one leading to the next, all happening for a reason.

Q. What do you feel is the most important thing a bodybuilder/fitness/figure/bikini can have in order to be successful in this sport?

A. Believing in yourself is number one! Belief is the number one step to any success. You must also have a vision, and a drive and strong-will to reach that vision.

Q. As a new bodybuilder/fitness/figure/bikini competitor, how should one select which organization or event to compete in? And what are the major differences between the numerous organizations out there?

A. There are many different organizations out there, but if your goal is to be with the IFBB, you must compete at a regional level NPC show. There are several levels, with level 5 being a national qualifier.

Q. Is it not very hard to exercise and lift on such a low calorie diet? I am talking about the pre-contest diet. I know you follow a very low calorie pre-contest diet. Don’t you get hungry?

A. LOL of course I get hungry! But again, you must keep your eyes and mind on the end result and what you want out of your goal.  Vegies usually keep me satiated and caffeine awake;)

Q. For someone who is currently a non-competitor, but wants to be as healthy and fit as possible, what would you recommend as far as diet ratios and workout plan (i.e. combination of weights and cardio, how many days, etc.)?

A. I would say eat as much of a balanced and clean diet as you can, with lean quality protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats.  No matter what plan you are on, you always want to strength train because the more muscle you have the more fat you ultimately burn:)

Cardio 30-40 min 4x /week should be plenty to keep your heart healthy.  A healthy heart is a happy heart:)

Q. Does your social life include others that are not into fitness or competition?

A. Not really.  I try to surround myself with the same goals, aspirations and outlooks on life.  This is a positive environment to place yourself in, which in turn bring positive results into your life.

Q. Who is your favorite bodybuilder, fitness model, and/or athlete?

A . Monica Brant has always been my inspiration since I was 17.

Q. What is your favorite healthy meal?

A. Lately, it is a nice big bowl of oats w/ cinnamon and flax, and an egg white omelette w/ every spice/herb in my pantry:)  I love the flavors it brings!

Q. What is your favorite cheat meal?

A. Hmm..LOL many!..But I love a good juicy burger!..Or white pizza! or anything peanut butter! lol

Q. What is your favorite exercise?

A. I love squats! They do wonders for the back side!

Q. What is that one body part that you just can’t seem to bring up or make it look like you want?

A. My abs have always gave me trouble on getting that fab 6-pack!  It is coming in slowly though:)

Q. What is the best asset of your physique/body?

A. I would say my shoulders

Q. What are your methods for breaking through a plateau?

A. Simple..change it up! Shock your body!

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I am currently in school full time.  I am half way done w/ 2 separate BA degrees: Business/Marketing and Nutrition.  Nutrition is a passion of mine and I recently started my business a little over a year ago so the Business degree will benefit me with that.  I created a healthy meal replacement called Pro-Cakez.

My plans for Pro-Cakez are huge! Hey..if you’re going to dream, mine as well dream BIG right!:)))

I also plan to continue to compete (which I absolutely love!) and do well at this sport.

Thanks Candice Keene and good luck in your upcoming competition! We all support you here at

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  1. Zirunas July 5, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    thank you fit.m69 yes Candice Keene is so amazing. And word beautiful i think doesn’t do justice to here real beauty. Once again thank you for support, and we will bring more interviews like that to

  2. Zirunas July 6, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Cadice it is such a pleasure to have you here with us. We will be supporting you in any way we can.


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