Using Apps to Build Muscle

When it comes to bodybuilding, seeing gains in the mirror is key, but this can take weeks. When it comes to making gains in the gym, it’s key to record every workout and try to progress. If your not recording what your doing, how do you know your getting stronger or progressing ? This is where apps can help. image002

Muscle Builder

Apps are great for recording sets and weights, but what you may not know is that they are great for identifying over-trained muscles and help prevent injury. Apps can also identify weak points and help bust through plateaus. I’ll talk about one Android app “Muscle Builder” that was actually created by bodybuilders in a gym, not scientists in a lab.

Build Muscle

For the beginner Muscle Builder starts off by using a Workout Wizard, asking a series of questions to create your personal exercise plan. Pick a foundation workout, e.g. legs insanity, chest, the arms race, titanic triceps, bunging back etc. Every aspect of your plan can be customized for Shoulders, Legs, Back, Abbs, Chest and Arms with over 200 exercises. The Workout Wizard asks how many days you can workout, duration and current fitness level. You set goals and it will create weekly and monthly workouts. There are no cookie-cutter workouts as each workout is designed around your lifestlye and goals.Muscle Builder even explained the difference between a set and a rep! For the advanced Muscle Builder also has an advanced workout section, where you can build up workout programs and change exercises, continualy working different muscle groups. You can select any of the 200 exercises and combine them into a killer workout, no need to stick to an a program, it lets you lift your way. Everytime you exercise, you record sets and reps, and see previous sets. It’s easy to see what you last did, and squeeze out 1 extra rep or heavier set. This after all is how to make the best gains, to push yourself again and again. During each exercise you can view full pictures and muscle groups activated.

How Muscle Builder aids in recovery

Lifting weights in the gym and pushing through your limits, is what breaks down muscle. But muscle is built up when your not lifting, if your not giving your muscles enough recovery time you won’t make gains. Over-training won’t build more muscle it will just cause serious injury. Muscle Builder provides you with the recovery time for each exercise and tracks previous workouts to prevent over training. You can even specify the number of recovery days required for each excerise. There is also an interactive muscle diagram where you can learn about the individual muscle groups, knowledge is power after all.

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Muscle Builder also provides images of each exercise and all muscles worked. For the gym guy who loves to use paper to record their workouts, Muscle Builder even has something for you. Your workous can be viewed in a 3D flipbook and paper turned using your finger, it’s pretty fun to plan with.

How muscle builder lets you progress

Muscle Builder has some great workout statistics, these really help you get the most out of your training. It has beautiful graphs and list of most-used exercises to least-used exercises. It also shows most used-muscles (over-training) and least-used muscles (weak-point training). You can even view specific exercises over-time and see when you hit and break through plateaus. It has a workout calendar so you can see the over-all picture of your training program over weeks and months. You can also track your bodyweight daily and see your cutting and bulking cycles. Muscle Builder really feels like

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it was created using broscience, with bodybuilders in the gym. You can even share your progress, lists and graphs in emails or social networks. If your stuck you also get free support., one of the biggest App review sites simple said

“Muscle Builder, without doubt the best bodybuilding app out there”.

It’s well worth the price and the developers offer free support and advice. Get it today!


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