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By: Tina Balode


Note - Personal Experience shared!

Month of August has been 'test my food intolerance' time for me.
For a whole week at a time I started to implement small changes into my daily diet. To be specific, one week I stayed off diary, then two consecutive weeks - no simple sugar (fruit including); plus, in one of those two weeks - no coffee!
So, how did it go for me?!

1. First week - NO DAIRY
I have heard many people testify that going off dairy has been a life changer for them - I just had to put it to test myself. And, nope - in that week of no dairy and after I didn’t witness more energy, better digestion or anything else. You may wonder: why did I do this if I feel fine? Because you never know if things can improve unless you try and find it out!

VERDICT: Possibly my moderate intake of dairy could be one of reasons why I haven’t developed any intolerance. From dairy products I mostly eat natural yogurts without any added sugar, or fruit etc. Some cheese or butter - only as treats.

2. Second and third week - NO SIMPLE SUGAR
I have done this before, I guess it was in February, 2016, but it was for a week only. This time I tried it for 2 weeks. And, ouch! There was a difference! I will not repeat this anymore, as I have learned my lesson! It actually slowed down my metabolism. Plus, no coffee on the second consecutive week of 'no sugar', I felt like I started to gain some weight! Unreal! I surely wasn’t above 1800-2000 calories a day (I do count them now and then just to know where I stand) and still my body went completely slow.

VERDICT: In just 2 weeks of eating no simple sugar my metabolism did slow down. The moment I went back on sugar, immediately I felt like my metabolism was boosted again! In future I will not cut out sugar for more than one week, whenever I choose to detox. I realise that prolonged periods without some insulin boosting stuff doesn't agree with me!

3. Plus, third week - NO COFFEE
I figured that actually I have never functioned maximally without some dose of caffeine, especially when mental (office) work is involved. Brain without it just not the same! No matter how healthy green tea is to be - it contains some caffeine too. I just was curious, could possibly one week of no coffee would improve my health and give me some little detox?!
The first few days without any caffeine was like a sleep- walk! Shall I mention - I actually got so relaxed that walked under the car, while crossing busy street! Luckily for me that person behind the wheel was awake. However, my energy levels balanced out at the end of the week, and I felt that my metabolism got noticeably slower.

VERDICT: caffeine not only helps me perform better, but seems like boosting metabolism too. So, no I will not give up my coffee entirely! Dehydration is not an issue to me as I drink adequate amounts of water.

NOTE - this article is based on my personal experience! Possibly, for some of you who have a different body type, metabolism, activity level, physical advancement, and even age - content above might not be entirely true. 
Also, a week or two is relatively short period of time, while doing a long term diet changes could possibly bring a different outcome. 
But, still thanks for stopping by! 
Each of you is appreciated and I hope you have a great weekend!!xoxo
Content Author: Tina Balode BA, BBS (Hons), MSc
2016 (22)

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