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By: Tina Balode

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone supports body in many ways - most essentially, it helps body to grow and develop during the early years of human life, then regenerate - all life. HGH is produced in pituitary gland - it is a hormone, and its main functions are to support bone and muscle growth, regulate metabolism, and brain activity etc., just to name a few. Sadly, after age of 30 it starts to decline - at late senior years only 25% of HGH is left comparing to young adult.

Maybe it may be one of the reasons why it is so effortlessly easy to gain weight after age of 30 or 40, and impossible to lose it without a hard work - as if body goes against all those well intentioned efforts!? But it is not all that bad- unless we use our will power to do something about it!

1. Exercise to boost HGH

There are many of ways how to boost HGH and one of them is HIIT. According to fitness experts - short burst of very high intensity training (HIIT), for instance - sprint at your maximum for 15 - 30 seconds, then rest and repeat it couple of times more- is very effective method to increase HGH.

Don't go overboard, as too much of HIIT may inhibit desired effect - 3 times a week, 20-30 min session of HIIT is adequate. Study related to the subject confirmed that those individuals who exercised on high intensity levels experienced much greater release of HGH comparing to those who did only a moderate exercise (The Journal of Applied Physiology).

Another way how to boost HGH is to do weight lifting. But if you're not willing to do squats and deadlifts - any exercise that makes your cheeks flush and heart race will do the trick! ;)

2. Diet to boost HGH

One diet cannot fit all people, there are people who trying to lose weight, stay lean while others try hard to bulk up - for that matter diet will be different for each group.

This section will speak only for those who are not worried to lose some body mass generally. Based on current scientific research - excess insulin spikes and GHG do not come well together. As we know - foods high in simple sugar do spike insulin and that inhibits the flush of HGH. Based on what fitness experts say - if you want to lose weight and raise HGH levels - do not consume any high carb meal straight after workout, wait at least an hour or two. Not only it boosts HGH, but it also helps to burn fat. Subsequently consume high protein, low carb snack before you go sleep, or eat low GI foods before training or during the day.

Another good way to increase GHG is to do exercise in the morning on an empty stomach or avoid eating straight before workout. Partially digested food in stomach can decrease GHG by 54%, high carbohydrate intake before workout drops GHG by 24% (Researchers at UCLA).

3. Sleep to boost HGH

Having a good rest during the night is just as essential as healthy diet and exercise. If you can go to bed 2 hours before midnight and sleep without waking up couple of times - there is nothing to worry about. According to experts HGH output is the highest in the first two hours of sleep. If you need 7- 8 hours to sleep, but have no opportunity to have it, try to incorporate small naps during the day, when possible.

"Not getting enough sleep regularly can lower the amount of growth hormone your body produces daily," (W. Thompson, Ph.D.)(1)

And, finally - laugh often! Back in day there was one study (1989) where researchers found that group of men who attended comedy for an hour had increase of HGH by 87%! (2) This one is an easy one! And if you know some good comedy - please leave it in comments! I'm dying to see a good one!


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