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5 Tips To Reach The Next Level

By: Zirunas Michailovas

1. Set your real goals and not PR

Ok let’s be real. We as bodybuilders do not care about any PR. As we all know bodybuilding is not how much we can fit, but how we stimulate the muscle. How we can improve our physique, how to make weak body parts better and so on and so forth. But it has nothing to do with your personal best PR what comes to bodybuilding. I am not saying we don’t need to lift heavy, I am just saying that we are not powerlifters, we are bodybuilders.

So this is the real goals for you. To learn how to connect your mind when you do your exercises. How to learn to feel every rep you doing, not because you can move heavy weight but because you feel your muscles you working. Your goal is to fill your muscles with blood, to generate the real pump, and actually learn how to work through pump pain, and not just count the reps you doing or just did, and those reps are worth nothing.

So reality is you still lift heavy and set your best PR, but that PR should be worth your work you putting into the exercise. Not only weight. Make every set better, make every rep better. If you can do that, trust me nothing will make you better and will make you to succeed in this sport, which is called bodybuilding.

2. Find the motivation

The funny thing I will say now it’s going to make you think that I am kind of crazy. But this is #1 demotivation for a lot of athletes. Which is your GYM you working out at. If in the gym you working out now are no real bodybuilders who actually body build instead just use gym for selfies, you will never get ahead, because you don’t know better. Because there is nobody to ask for a advice, or to luck up to somebody who actually could motivate you to be better.

I understand not every gym has some bodybuilders who compete in the show, but if you really want to be the better version of yourself, you will dig and find the gym where real bodybuilders training. And again we all understand that those gyms might be a bit more expensive, and not everybody can afford it. But personally I was in the same shoes and I find the way to save up some money to go to that special gym and train at least few times per month. Seeing those big guys, and seeing how they train it was amazing. And that just pushed me to do better and gave me that drive.

Remember great music, great gym clothing and pretty gym will give just so much. And to rely only on that is very limited motivation and will get you to the next level, it actually will keep you at the same level for as you are now, and your progress will be very and very slow.

3. Your nutrition

Actually this part I should had start with, but to tell you the truth I have seen so many guys who just working out and do not care about food intake, I thought I will leave it to the mid part. So readers could actually think maybe I made mistake and forgot about this part. But trust me I didn’t.

Ok so let’s just start with pre workout meal. Not even go into the whole meal thing. To say this is most important meal I will be lying to you. But this is definitely very crucial meal to your success. People asked me when is the best time to eat before the gym. I say it depends a bit on everybody. I would say hour or two before the gym. And depending on the body part your train.

From my personal experience I can eat an hour before the gym on the day I train chest, shoulders and arms. But I eat two hours before back and legs. So as you see I found what works for me, same it would be for you. You need to find what will work for you.

But I can tell you at least what you could eat before workout. Carbs like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oats. Protein like chicken breast, turkey breast, white fish, ground beef. Remember keep it simple. And do not overload with food before the gym. Your pre workout need to work for you and not against you.

And if you take supplements, make sure you take it properly. Some guys make some crazy concoction where they pre workout supplements becomes so strong that nothing else works. To me it’s just crazy. How much do you think your body can take? If you make your own mixes. And what is the real reason? So you saying that companies who makes pre-workout supplements are too weak for you? Most likely no, most likely it’s in your head. And I bet that I would be very close to the truth.

4. Do not be tired before you will get tired

Ok this is one of the another big issues now days. And I bet you already wonder what it is. What I have in mind that now days guys love to go out and spend long nights out. Who would come back home in the middle of the night and then trying to hit the gym hard next day, with no rest.

So what do you think it’s going to happen? I will say you just wasted your training session and definitely didn’t help your health as well. A good night sleep is a must. Or you should wait till the next day. Remember rest is essential to growth. If your priority is partying well this sport, it’s kind of not for you. You just need to make a decision what you really want to do. It’s all up to you.

5. Training partner

Ok this is something what I had addressed before. To find a great training partner is really hard. And this is why.

If you really into this sport and see that you can get somewhere, your mentality is really on different level. And sometimes training partner who is not into it can hurt you more when actually to help you. What I mean by this. If your partner not concentrated when you lift and suddenly you need a spot and your partner is playing with the phone and eying some girls. Well you see the whole picture. You are just step away from being injured and you don’t know yet. But something like this could cost you a lot. If you get injured you can’t lift, you can’t go to the gym. So all this work and dream you had will stops. Maybe for a week maybe for a month, or maybe even longer.

Real training partner need to be with same mentality as you. Who want to get to the next level, who wants to achieve more then go to the gym and lift the weights. And even better training partner is somebody who has knowledge, who is bigger, who will kick your training to the next level.

Now you will ask why somebody like this would train with you, who is smaller and doesn’t have experience like he does, well its very simple. Sometimes it’s not about that, it’s about the drive, about being there for him as much he is for you. It’s about the trust when he needs the spot. This is what is all about, and if you can show him that, trust me he will be more than happy to train with you.

I am saying that because I was that smaller guy. I got to train with most hardcore guys in the gym. And yes they trained with me day after day. And they knew that I will be there for them and will push them as much as they mush me every day. And one day I became just one of them as well. Bigger, stronger, the guy who actually went after what I wanted and get it there in just 2 years.

So here it is, few pointers to get to the next level. Remember, bodybuilding its not only about lifting weight, it’s so much more. Everything is important. There is no just one thing what makes you bodybuilder.    

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