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by: Tina Balode


First of all, those who know Jerry personally can testify - he is an amazing person, full stop! 

Even at a first glance his personality shines thru, it is hard not to notice his extraordinary inner and outer strength, vitality, and strikingly bright character! 

And that is not all, today I want to share with you his professional achievements in the fitness area. And they are many to count; I guess, there is no better way to do it than let him do the talking...


Here is what Jerry said: "I'm proud to say I've had success coaching people from Bikini Champions, Power-lifters, Bodybuilders, Physique Athletes, to busy single mothers, who has no time to join the gym...
In 25 years training & competing and numerous 1st place titles in bodybuilding competitions.Learning about nutrition & body composition became easy task. And huge pleasure...

During this time I personally coached a wide range of clients from single mothers in their 40's who couldn't get to the gym. People who were diabetic or had eating disorders. People who were recovering alcoholics and over 70 years old, and became a competitive bodybuilders. 

All those amazing results are results of me spending many years studying and putting into practice the science and experience and still finding better ways to teach others."


Tina: Could you tell us how you become interested in fitness and started training?

Jerry: When I was younger I was kind of chubby boy. I will never forget when I was dreaming to find that one pimple, the one I could squeeze and all the fat would run out and I would be good looking like most of the guys. And that went for years. 

I can’t say that I was jealous of my friends, but I wanted to be able to take shirt off and not be able to jiggle the belly fat for once. But oh well I didn’t know better what or what I need to do, so really lifting was out of question, because I had no idea that such thing exists. 

But one day, I don’t even remember when and how friend of mine got bodybuilding magazine. And on the cover of that magazine was Arnold's photo, I still remember it was Arnold's side chest shot. I think at that moment I knew this is going to be sport I will go into, I just didn’t know how much I will love this sport. I just knew I will be as big as Arnold and that was it.

I remember like it was yesterday. After seeing that magazine. Me and my friend went to the basement of the apartment building. We found a pulley, few bigger bricks and a rope. And that was our very first gym. 
I thought few months will pass and I will be like Arnold. I wanted that so badly. But it looked that it wasn’t that easy. But the fact was it stuck with me and still wanted this as bad or maybe at that point even more.

So a year later few really good guys talked to our school principle and next thing we know we are helping to build a new gym. Trust me when I say, you didn’t need to ask me twice to work on that basement. I was first to work and last to leave. It was amazing to see how all progressed, how everything just turned into something what will change my life for ever. 
And this is how all started. 

I remember it was all about competition between us guys, who will push more, who will row more, who will do more pull-ups. It was so much fun. It was like a big family, everybody knew each other. It was really something, something very real. 

Well and the rest its history.


Tina: What are your all time favourite athletes?

Jerry: Well I have two favourite athletes. First one is Dorian Yates, the one and only. And second is Jay Cutler. Two very different athletes, two different mentalities, but the same fire inside and crazy drive to be the best in the world. 

I guess both of them were kind of influence to my training as well besides Arnold. And I had a chance to meet them both. So that was amazing to say the least. When you can meet your idols. And have a chat with them, yes it is awesome.


Tina: Can you share your workout routine that has worked best for you?

Jerry: Well training. That’s something what I can talk for hours, and to put it all in just basic description I really can’t. 

This is something what most athletes to this day really can’t really get a good idea what training is all about. Most of the guys think that if they lift a lot they will become as big as any pro. Well let me ask you, how does all that working out for you so far? Getting any bigger, turning pro? 

Yes this is not all about lifting. Not about being the strongest guy in the gym, and training not to benefit your body but your ego. 
But what comes to me. My training has everything. Every single combination, every single method, you name it, its there. 
My training never the same. I always trying to shock and make my body guess what’s going to happen next. 

Training body parts always rotates. So it’s never the same day. 
My training split changes as well. So it’s always evolving into something different. If you want to grow you need to be strong but not crazy, you need to be smart and know what you doing. You need to know how to manipulate your muscle to make it grow. You just need really to know a lot of things. And that is the truth. This sport is never ending school. And that is the fact.


Tina : What form of cardio is your favourite and you find most effective for you?

Jerry: This is all differs from one person to another. But what comes to me. Most effective cardio is in the morning on empty stomach and doing treadmill moderate speed, incline speed walk. That always worked the best for me.


4. FOOD 
Tina: What your basic day to day diet looks like?

Jerry: Good question. Well my diet changes few times. Off season and getting ready for competition. 

But it kind of stays the same. The only things change are fat and carb intake. And where they coming from. 

So lets say, off season I would eat somewhere 80 to 200 gr of carbs with each meal. And 50 to 100 gr of protein with each meal. It all depended on the time of the day and activity. 

As you see this is just not all about eating just to eat. You need to eat to grow. And when you on the prep time, you need to find that balance to keep the most muscle on your body.

My foods: chicken, fish, meats, eggs, protein drink, peas, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, pasta, broccoli, asparagus, natural peanut butter, and apples. That’s pretty much it all year long. Just off season I add ice cream, pizza and maybe something else. But really that’s about it.


Tina : How do you fight your cravings when you're on the strict diet while preparing for competition? 

Jerry: When I make my mind to do the show, all my cravings go away with that. I set myself a goal, to bring the best package I can and there is no if or but about that. Really, I do not have any cravings. So in reality I am not struggling with any of that.

Did I had it before YES and YES. But after first two shows I figured out one thing. That it doesn’t matter how much I want to have something what I really can't, nothing will ever going to change. So once I figured that out, I was really clear from all of that. And to tell you the truth the closer to the competition I get, I start watching TV shows where all of the programs are about food. Just saying.

Tina : Your favourite cheat meal? 
Jerry: Don’t have one 


Tina: What keeps you motivated in a short and long term? 
Jerry: It might be going to sound corny or cocky for somebody, but I am my best motivation. If I can beat myself from last year, from last month, from last week, from yesterday. I can beat anything. So that what motivates me every day.


Tina: Can you share your most favourite motivation- quote you live by? 
Jerry: I have so many of them. But the one stuck with me from long time ago: THERE IS NOTHING WHAT YOU CAN'T DO, THERE IS NOTHING WHAT YOU CAN'T LEARN.


Tina: What are the common mistakes people so often make/repeat in training and dieting?

Jerry: Well this is kind of simple. Most of the people who starting in this sport, trying to be a pros from the start. What I mean by this, they watch too much you-tube how pro bodybuilders or pro figure athletes train and they think that this is how they going to train and gonna become another hot thing. Or getting a personal trainer, who has no idea what they doing after finishing 6 week course to become a personal trainer. And had been coached by somebody like that, and gets injured or loses most of the muscle. Even looks like they lost weight, but in reality they lost muscle and just a bit of the body fat. 

So the biggest problems, or I should say mistakes, that they are buying into something what they don’t know. And that is something will take them backwards and not forward. 


Same thing with diets. Guys trying to eat crazy food and amounts, having no idea what they body really needs, or how to adjust Carbs, Proteins, Fats to make correct amount of calories needed to grow or to lose weight. Like I said there is too much information out there, to pick from. But it doesn’t mean that will work for you. And most of the times it doesn’t.
One advice, find a trainer who can actually get you to the point you need to be, and teach you how to work out and how to eat, to benefit you, and no other way around.


Tina: What are most crucial lessons have you learned during the years of training and dieting?

Jerry: If somebody is helping you with the preparing for the competition, or helping you with gaining weight. Listen to one person, do not go to somebody else and listen what they have to say. The more opinions you gather when you getting ready for the show, the worst you going to be. Because you already have a seed in your head, where starting questioning everybody else, including yourself. This is the first step to failure.

Don’t become your own victim. What I mean by this, don’t become a cry baby. And start being sorry for yourself. If you going to do this, do it to the end. 

Don’t cut corners, don’t miss cardio, JUST DONT USE WORD DON’T, and use ONLY DO.


Tina: What would you never ever do again? 
Jerry: This is thought one. If I would not had done all those things, I would never know things I know now. So in the end I think this is something I really can’t answer, just because I know the answer to the problem I might encounter. 

Same like this year when I got sick just before the show, I knew exactly what to do not to hold water and still look good for the show. So things like that you learn in process, and if I need to say which mistake I would not do again. Well maybe knowing who you are helping in this sport. That would be the mistake I will never do again.


Tina: And if there were only 3 top supplements to choose from, which would be your choice and why? Generally, what supplements you swear by and recommend to others?

Jerry: Ok, the three top supplements I would recommend to others:
PROTEIN, AMINOS, GLUTAMINE, but in reality you need much more. 
We need supplements like: digestive enzymes, multi vitamins, multi minerals, joint support, liver support, pro biotic and list can go and go. But I guess we can buy what we can afford. 

But why I put those three first. Protein it is your food, and aminos and glutamine helps to restore your body.


And what supplements I swear by it. Well this is easy. I like only two companies: 1st Overhaul Performance Nutrition and 2nd Optimum Nutrition. Those two companies I swear by, and using them till this moment and always will. Never ever had a bad thing to say about them. So if you want to have great supplements, Overhaul Performance Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition would be the companies I would go for. Remember its not about the price it’s about the quality of the product. You want to spend money and actually get results. Not spend money and leave it in the toilet. Just saying.


Tina: Name your favourite hobbies you enjoy when you're off training?

Jerry: Well, I have many hobbies. But all of them kind of related to one another. Ok, maybe not. 

My favourite hobby is writing. Second painting. Third I would say creating ideas what I could do next. 

I always and always trying to find things how to do it better, faster, more economical way. Creativity is something what comes to me naturally. I can be sitting and watching TV and next moment I will be on the computer trying to find origin of some supplement, or some plant and so on and so forth. I like to build stuff as well, that means I had made few blueprints for some of the things what I will release after I establish this new business I am involved now. But many things to come as well. 

At this very moment I am working on the recipe books. And it will be between 3-5 books all together, one of them should be released by Monday. I never knew how tough it is to write a book. Especially if you want to write a good one.

So here you have it. Always something with me. And like I said before, there is way too much what I am interested in doing.


Tina: What is the most common training question that people ask you as a fitness trainer/coach? And, finally what advice would you give to someone who has never exercised in his/her life, and find it extremely difficult to start either?!

Jerry: 90% of all questions I had been asked is how to lose weight. And the other 10% how to gain weight. It’s really that simple. And most people getting scared when in both situations I say the same answer, eat more. I think people are still misled to this day what real nutrition is. Or how it should have been done correctly. 

And the worst part of all, they are coming to me and thinking that I must help them for free. I just don’t get that part always makes me laugh though. But yes this is the questions I get asked every time somebody talks to me.


And for those who are just want to start:
Guys and girls, ladies and gents. Please just make that first step to the better future. Remember there NEVER BE A BETTER TIME LIKE TODAY. If you try to justify you not going to the gym as something came up, trust me tomorrow it will come up to, and day after that and …well you get the picture.

If you are intimidated by the bigger guys and better looking girls, think about this. How do you think they started they journey? Do you think they just born that way? No! They worked they behind off to look good, they worked they behind off to change they lifestyle. So by thinking that OH I WILL GO TO THE GYM BUT I WILL NEED TO LOSE ANOTHER KILO OR TWO. My question to you, how is that working out for you so far?

I hope you hear what I am saying, and I hope you have read from the start how I personally started this journey. I was fat too. But that didn’t stop me from becoming who I am now. And that haven’t stopped me form learning all along the way. 

So do not wait another minute, and do not look for another excuse. Just go for it, and change your life.


Tina: If someone wants to contact you - where can you be found?

Jerry Michailovas : You can contact me in few ways:

My Facebook
My Email 
Content creator, editor: Tina Balode / BA, BBS (Hons), MSc (NUIG)
Published: 28th October, 2016

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