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Interview with Amazing Athlete, Mother, Student Kristina Kate (Juozapaviciene)

Q. Let’s start here, what is your name?
  Kristina Kate know on social media and competition stage. On passport Kristina Juozapaviciene

Q. How did you got involved in this sport. What was the tipping point to become athlete and decided to compete?

A. After I got divorced, I moved to other city with my daughter to start new life from white blank page. She was 3 at that time. I was really depressed, down unhappy. Then like everybody else after new year’s I decided to try gym, my little one started her nursery, so I got 15 hours a week for myself. After couple moths one guy at the gym (he is competitor), saw me and said that I am working hard and I have good genetic, and I should try to compete. He gave great advice on how to training. I had my own diet which I did find myself, all posing I learned through YouTube. And after 5 months I did my first competition, I didn’t win, I went for experience to get and have a look how I am going to feel. And I loved it!

Q. How do you start your day? Do you have a morning routine?
  I have my daily routine. Wake up every day 7.30 in the morning, having breakfast, then bringing my daughter to school. Then going to work, working 3 days a week. Studying one day per week at the college. And then gym time. My day ends 10 in the evening.

Q. How long have you been training?
  I started my training on 15.01.2014

Q. How many people have you encouraged into the sport since you started?
 Few in real life, and most of them on Facebook, some girls said that I inspired them so much that they even have a photos copied from my page.


Q. What was your body like before you started training?
 After my daughter I was really fat 86 kg. (189.2 Lbs) then I lost weight, went down to 75 kg. Then I started my training.

Q. How do you keep yourself motivated and on-track through the gruelling dieting in the last few weeks?
  Positive thinking, focus, training, posing, dancing, music helps.

Q. How do you manage your diet when you traveling close to the competition time?

A. My life is planned during that time, I am trying to avoid too much of traveling, but if it happens, I am taking my food with me.

Q. How do you handle the stress of it all?
  Very passionate about what I do. Fitness helps me to find myself. I grow as a person. Sometimes I cry, but never want to give up. Talk to people who know me, tell them how do I feel. They give me a big support and love, so do I.

Q. Do you get more attention from the people now that you are in such good shape?
  Yes, I do.

Q. What is your favourite supplements offseason and getting ready for the competition?
  In both season I use BCCA and glutamine, sometimes lean protein when I know that time I wouldn’t be able to eat.

Q. How does your training schedule look like and what do you include into your training?
A. I have 5 days training programme. Everyday legs and glutes, this is my weakest parts. And everyday different body part. 2 days off. But sometimes I do cardio in rest day.

Q. How many exercises per body part do you typically do in a workout, and what body parts you train per training session?
 10 exercise. Few for legs and glutes every day, in between of it abs then 1- chest, 2- bicep and triceps, 3-back, 4-shoulders, 4- chest and back.

Q. How much weight will you normally gain during the off-season?
  About 8-10kg

Q. How about tanning/makeup/hair preparation for a contest. Can you tell that I'm still overwhelmed?
  I ask my friends to help.

Q. What is your philosophy on diet?
  I think it should be balanced. We have to care about our bodies. This is the only place where we live all our life.

Q. Any holiday eating tips?
 Holidays is holidays you can treat yourself.

Q. What kind of workout program do you follow?
  Now I got new programme from Dovile Minkeviciene Pt.

Q. Do you believe in workout programs like Insanity or P90X, CrossFit and such?
  I do believe that all programme have different benefits to get healthy and fit as same that we all human are different too, it’s up yourself what we want and what we like.

Q. What competitions have you participated in and what were the results (bikini/fitness/figure/bodybuilding)?
  14Th of June 2014, NRGFUEL British Classic Miss toned figure class. Didn’t placed.

12th of October 2014, Open Yorkshire Classic Miss toned figure class. 4Th place.

3rd of October 2015, The Central Britain Show Miss toned figure class. 4Th place.

23rd of November 2015, Novice Britain finals Miss toned figure winner.

Q. What do you wish you had known before you started doing shows?
 Get more support, help, knowledge from professionals.

Q. What do you feel is the most important thing a bodybuilder/fitness/figure/bikini can have in order to be successful in this sport?
  To have dreams, goals. Achieve them. To grow mentally and physically. To be an inspiration and example for others. To show that everything is possible when you really want it.

Q. Is it not very hard to exercise and lift on such a low calorie diet? I am talking about the pre-contest diet. I know you follow a very low calorie pre-contest diet. Don't you get hungry?
It is hard sometimes. And I have cheat days during the preparation. Most important part is, when you set your mind, you know why you doing it, where you go, and that helps me. And every time all of it, becoming easier because of experience I got from past competitions. But I am still learning to find the best way how to handle all of that.

Q. Does your social life include others that are not into fitness or competition, and you deal with that when you pre-contest?
  I deal with it easier every time. Got clear plan and fallow it. Really outside or people who are not into fitness do not bother me at all.

Q. How much this kind of active life style, being (bikini/fitness/figure/bodybuilding) athlete changed your life?
 My life changed a lot. And still more changes on the way. Very happy, and healthy and all of it positive way of living.

Q. Who is your favourite bodybuilder, fitness model, and/or athlete?
  I like most of them. I know how hard and how much of hard work they putting in into this. To get where they are now, and where they want. Big respect and inspiration to each other.

Q. What is your favourite healthy meal?
 Salmon, brown rice, different fresh vegetables.

Q. Favourite guilty indulgence?
 Chocolate, cakes with cream.

Q. What is your favourite exercise?
  Glutes, back and shoulders.

Q. What is that one body part that you just can’t seem to bring up or make it look like you want?
 Glutes and legs.

Q. What is the best asset of your physique/body?
  Shoulders, calves, back.

Q. What are your methods for breaking through a plateau?
  Changing exercise, increase the weight.


Q. This is important for everybody, but how do you deal with injuries if had any, and if you did how did you worked through those injuries to comeback even stronger and better?

A. During my training I didn’t have much injuries, only little ones nothing serious though, if I do have injurie something more serious, then I changing exercises to avoid that particular movement, or taking couple days off.

Q. What are your future plans?
  I am planning to do more competitions this autumn. This is my last year in the college. In July I’ll be finishing my personal trainer level 3 certification.

Q. What do you want our readers to know about you that they couldn't find out from seeing you on stage or in print? 
 My past was really hard. I grew up in orphanage. Most of the people I knew, were saying, that I worth nothing in this life. When I start to train, some of them laugh at me. I did a lot of mistakes as well, I learned from them. And I am thankful to all positive and negative things happened to me, without them I would never be a person who I am today.


Q. Any life changing stories you would like to share with our readers? Maybe its personal, but you would like readers to learn about you, your struggles, something what can teach others, change they life?

A. It’s nice sometimes to travel back in your memory lane, and have a look how many things has changed since then. Natural, no vitamins or supplements, nothing only clean food, hard work and strong mind helped me achieve and build my body shape.

Top 2 photos of me and my 3-year search, testing and discovery journey toward healthier eating habits, when I found myself a proper diet, to extend the trip already in the gym. like most after the new year I went to 01/15/2014. feeling that began to emerge after each workout is getting stronger and finally realized that it makes me happy not only due to the changing forms, but also heart-warming feeling in which I found myself.

3 bottom photos of me .1st after 5 months training, I took part in my first competition, I went for the experience, and make sure if it's really me, has caused endless mistakes, a lot of things unknown, but it did not stop me to go further.

2nd photo - my second race was after a general 9 months of training, from 6 girls got 4th place. And again, in some places has improved in some places was wrong. Asking yourself, is this really the end? No, my journey began to pursue other way. I received many messages from girls and even guys with questions how I did that in such a short time. And told me that I was an example to them, and that just inspired me even more.

I joined the College's sports fitness instructor courses Level 2, which I finished and continues personal training course level 3. After a 1 year break I returned to competition stage, 3rd photo 03/10/2015, this time i placed again 4 out of 7, but received invitation to the British Novice finals to compete month later, my journey continues.

All I wish to help other to find themselves. And no matter what activities you are into, make them unique and fun. Always look to inspire, support, courage, help yourself and others. Spread good, smile more, more often share hugs, it's free things that enrich and warmed the soul. Love and make sure to take care of your own bodies - a house you do occupy all your life....

Thank you everyone who is with me, who left me and who will come into my life. It’s a full of different experience and very colourful journey of my life ... Without it I wouldn’t be Me and who I am today. Kristina Kate

If you coaching/training others online, or in the gym, or have your own studio. We would like to promote your business as well. You could include your website or blog, Facebook business or personal, the way people could contact you.

At the moment I am training at IRON WOLF BODYBUILDING GYM.

Facebook: .

Address: Unit 5a Clifton Forge Business Park, Forge Hill Lane

Tell: +44 7568 529138

Contact: Dovile Minkeviciene or Laimonas Minkevicius. They are helping me to prepare for the autumn competition.

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