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Post Contest Binge

By: Zirunas Michailovas

Post Contest Binge Problems

Ok lets be honest, we all been there and went crazy just straight after show. But in reality is, we never really think about what it does to us. What we care about is how we feel, which is great, all that weight gain and crazy pumps. And in reality that is all what matter at that point. Am I right? Well you know I am.

After depriving yourself on low fat and low calorie diet, we clean and deplete our bodies to the max. But what really happens when we put all those calories back of all junk food. Day after day, when your show is over.

Well let me tell you what really going to happen to your body.

I will start from my own self. I mean I need to lead from example. Who is better example when myself. Well to tell you the truth after my first 3-4 shows I was going crazy. Eating so much food which included: Chinese, Pizzas, and Ice-cream, and so on and so forth. And that were my main courses for the most of few weeks. I mean it was daily thing and I am not even joking. I was spending hundreds and hundreds on food just in the few days after the show, and I am not talking how much I was spending week later. But it was a lot.

But after one of the shows I stopped feeling that power or pump. Even though I still was eating like a pig (to say the least) but it seemed that all that food didn’t effected at all, the way it always had.

I knew that something was wrong and whatever it is, its not working, and I started digging whats really going on.

So long story short, this is what really happened, and I will outline all those few points for you guys below.

Ok all this intake of junk food after the contest resulted in really bad reaction related to hormone and brain chemistry. And as many of you know by now, all this hard work and great looks are gone in just few days. So where is that glory you worked for? And again, you went from the star of the gym, to just another fat guy in the gym. Makes no sense does it?

What normally happens after we dieted for so long, all that restriction stops the normal flow of peptides to our brain, and in reality results temporary depressive state. And over indulgence of all that food, creates borderline obsessive compulsive disorder, and trust me this is very real.

So in very simple words once you deprive yourself, stress your body and you are always tempting to cheat on junk food, and once you get it and overeat like you never had that food before, we create Yo-Yo effect.

And giving a choice to eat clean food again or junk food, we will choose junk food and over eat. So we just stuffing all the bad calories that will actually will make our bodies to crave even more junk food. And this is how all this goes.

So yes all effects of hard core dieting can be worse than drug addiction. Why I said that. Well lets continue.

When we starting eat all the junk food again, it triggers feel-good chemicals. I bet you reading this and all starting make sense. Well lets keep on reading.

Somebody asked me, can we can get addicted to junk food, and I will always say YES. This is how it works. It takes about few days to change our brain thinking of what food you need. So after those few days of indulging all that rich food with sugars and fats, result in an excessive Feel-Good Chemicals production in our brain. The fact is, all of this has been always in our DNA. Think about it, we always crave sweets or bad food. And we feel great when we eat it (I know I do)

The effect of binge eating is very and very powerful. Like I mentioned before, our hormones are most powerful chemical in our bodies. It does affect our mood and at the same time cravings. And I bet again you read this and you have seen yourself doing it or had that feeling as well. And insulin is one of the biggest part who controls our hormones. And just think what is going on with your body and insulin in your body when you go from one extreme to another. The insulin spikes become crazy. And not knowingly you just starting storing all the fat again on your shredded body.

Your thyroid goes nuts as well. Especially if you were using any T3 or T4. And just to let you know please do not stop it cold turkey if you were using it before. It not good thing to do and you should tape it off. Just heads up.

So what not to do when you binging.

Do not drink alcohol when you binging. You should know by now that alcohol contains the fastest absorbed calories. Alcohol will dehydrate your body and that’s what you don’t want to do.

Over eating and cortisol. Remember that so called binging or over eating is very stressful on your body. What that means. Once you put your body through such a stress, your body starting production of cortisol. Which will result in more belly fat storing. And it will take time to get it back to normal state, but there is few things you can do to make it work again. Like include cardio. (if you actually really going bananas on the binging). I know you hate this idea but that will get you going again.

So do this:

Drink lots of water. Get back to foods that will provide your body with good nutrients, but again watch your calories. Don’t really go nuts for more than day or two. Get back to normal nutritional foods. Increase your meals. What I mean, when you binging you will not be able to eat many meals per day, because of the calories you put in into your body each time you indulging bad food. Again start doing cardio. But don’t go nuts, do it slow and easy. Stay away from fuzzy drink, or like I call it stop drinking calories. Remember what I wrote just above about insulin. You just don’t want all that syrups and sweeteners to trigger your insulin, because its automatically will be absorbed and turned into fat and stored. I don’t think you want that.  

So what you should take from this. I am not saying you should not go nuts. I said go for it, but don’t go for weeks or months. Go for a few days after show and go back to foods what actually really matter, foods what will provide your body with needed nutrients and not calories which will turn into fat. And you will gain that 20-40 lbs for no reason, just to drop it again, and again to work your behind and again for no good reason. Add cardio, just 3 days per week. Nothing crazy, slow pace, just to get you going. If you want to cheat do it once a week. But get back to normal food after that.

Simple right?

I hope this is helps the guys and girls who just starting in this sport and doing first shows. I didn’t get into the details too much here. But put it everything in very simple words. 

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