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Pros & Cons of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Many bodybuilders swear by nitric oxide supplements, crediting them for increased vascularity, better post-workout “pump” and quicker recovery time. Though bodybuilding benefits are largely unproven, these supplements may be beneficial for certain populations. Because there are pros and cons of using nitric oxide supplements, seek a physician’s guidance before taking. Weight Gain Most nitric oxide […]

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Body transformation – Mindaugas Vilnius from Lithuania

Thanks to our member Mindaugas Vilnius for this story / photo of his body transformation in a relatively short period: October 2012 – March 2013 end. Mindaugas, age 31, height, 186cm, Weight at 110 kg. The weight at the end of the period – 94.5 kg. We hope this will inspire many sports fans, live […]

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Secrets That Shave Years Off Your Body!

By: Shannon Clark It’s no secret the vast majority of us have at least some concern over the way we look. Images of celebrities are being broadcasted all over the media, high level sports figures are proving to be role models for our children, and every newspaper or magazine you open will have some type […]

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19 Ways to Relaxation

By: Fawnia Dietrich Have you been stressed at all lately? Let me share with you, my many paths to relaxation. Try implementing these 19 tricks and feel your stresses melt away. Have you been putting off that project for several months, or still haven’t joined your friends for a movie night? Have you been stressed at all lately? […]

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Why Is It So Hard For Man To Commit To Fitness?

By: steveironpump Commitment is simply something that modern man is not up for these days. We live in a society where divorce rates exceed the rates of successful marriages and where people have a great deal of difficulty committing to long term goals. This societal issue also begins to really come to the forefront when talking about […]

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Your Sex Dreams Decoded

  By: Cynthia Ramnarace what does it mean? Have you ever had a sex dream starring someone other than the guy you’re sharing a bed with? If so, don’t worry–it doesn’t mean you want to cheat. Instead, the person you’re dreaming about usually signifies what’s going on deep in your psyche. “If we pay attention, there […]

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Success Tips for Women In Business

By: Melonie Dodaro Why do so many people find true abundance elusive? Most of them are missing the key ingredient: complete and utter confidence in themselves, which is inseparable from complete confidence in their physical self: their body. Of course, getting that total body confidence can be a tall order, especially if you have a long […]

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Chocolate and Better Health

A few years ago Cornell University released a study that was published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry (December 2003). The comparative study revealed that of the three antioxidant-rich foods-green tea, cocoa and red wine-cocoa turned out to be the winner with the highest antioxidant activity. The research team found […]

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